Some of these collections do not have a physical material analog. Others document events or objects that no longer exist or are too difficult, if not impossible, to experience otherwise. Some collections, where noted, may still have elements that can be visited in person. Contact information is provided for collectors who wish to be accessible for questions, comments or other inquiries.

Technical Drawings from Morton Manufacturing Company in Muskegon Heights, MI
Fashion Illustrations by D. 'Jame
1990s Rave, Club and Party Flyers
Beware of Dog Signs in Chicago
Vandalized Cacti in Teotihuacan
Drawings of Inventions by Croatian Children
Cop Shoot Cop's Piece Man 7" record
Pages From a Water-damaged Black Panthers Book
Inverted Crosses
Tattooed Family Men at the Children's Theme Park
Torn Porn [Mature content. Adults only]
If You See Something Say Something
Surveillance Camera Alert Signs in Budapest, Hungary
A Collection of Live Banter From the Band Fugazi
Messages in the Matrices of Records
Fake Parking Tickets
Complete Publications in PDF form
Cracks and Posters in Mexico
Album Covers Recreated with MS Paint
Swiss Medicine Chests
Childhood Graffiti From Antique Sources
The Music Underground, Before the Internet
People Documenting Anti-War Protesters
Electronic Flyers by Espacio La Culpable
Things Left Behind
Face Painting Options in Mexico City
Bibles Stolen From Hotels
Anti-Car Barriers in Chicago
Conversations with Dana Duer
Joe Flasch's Hats and Costumes
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