Documentation of Joe Flasch's Hats and Costumes

Joe Flasch is an artist at the Little City Multi-Disciplinary Art Studio in Palatine, Illinois. These pages collect documentation of hats and costumes that we have created with Joe between 2006 and 2008. These items are often made quickly and spontaneously using whatever materials are on hand. The elaborate glasses were inspired by Elton John. Joe wears these hats and costumes in the studio while making art and sometimes parades them around the offices or takes them home. Most of them are not made in a durable way and are created to fill an immediate need rather than for long term use or possession. After making each item we take a digital photo, in part so that Joe can see how he looks when he is wearing it.

Marc Fischer: marc [at] publiccollectors [dot] org

Jennifer Mannebach: jmannebach [at] saic [dot] edu

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