Documentation of Swiss Medicine Chests

Going Inside consists of roughly 50 photographs showcasing the innards of people's medicine chests. The photographs were compiled for an art book I completed to obtain my degree as a designer (specialization in design and art theory) from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. They were taken with a vintage medium format camera (Pentax 6x7). Parallel to the book production, I pasted a bunch of these images throughout the greater Zurich area in neglected locations such as highway overpasses and facades of abandoned buildings. Time and deterioration from the elements have rendered some of these as mere fragments of their original form. The pasting of these enlarged images (61 x 47 inches) in neglected urban areas was my attempt to bring that common 'thing', the medicine chest and all its typically private and banal components, to the forefront of the collective eye and expose it very publicly and openly for the greater cultural community to see and experience. The work is also meant to be a document of an outdated everyday item (the medicine cabinet) that is gradually disappearing from the average Swiss household. Going inside was my attempt to think WITH rather than ABOUT art. It was heavily inspired by Zoe Leonard's work Analogue (1998-2007).

Caroline Palla, 18. June 2008
Contact: caroline.palla [at] sunrise [dot] ch

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Documentation of outdoor installations of Going inside

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