Documentation of Syllabi - Collected by Philip von Zweck

Dear people who teach,

Every syllabus I have written is based in some part on someone else’s syllabus, either from a class I have taken, given to me by the institution, or sent to me by someone who had previously made one. I have found it very useful to have access to other people’s syllabi in making my own and on occasion I have shared syllabi with others for their use.

As part of Public Collectors I would like to set up a publicly accessible online collection of syllabi for people to copy, modify and use for their own courses. I want it to be a collection were people teaching classes, especially new teachers, can look for ideas and inspiration.

I am asking that if you have made syllabi that you are willing to share, please send them to me to be posted online. I think it would be best if they were an attachment in a Word or rtf format - some form which is easy for people to modify. Syllabi may be posted anonymously if you like, but I really only want to post syllabi that the creator is comfortable sharing so please don’t send someone else’s without their permission.

I’m interested in including all grades, and all subjects including workshops. I’m happy to post multiple syllabi for the same course. I think it would be most useful if they are full syllabi so leaving in administrative things such as attendance policy, grading policy, assignments, etc is good.

If you’re willing to be involved please send me syllabi that you’re comfortable sharing. And please forward this to others who might be willing to take part.

Syllabi can be sent to: pvonzweck [at] yahoo [dot] com

This page will be updated as new syllabi are received.

View and Download the Syllabi:

Art on Location: West Side Ice
Basic Sculpture
Beginning Drawing
Color Theory
Color Theory [2]
Contemporary Issues in Printmaking
Core Studio Practice
Crossing the Line
Drawing 1
Foundations 1
On Failure
Painting 1
Redefining Drawing
Relational Aesthetics & The Instrumentalization of Everyday Art
Sculpture 1
Sound Installation
Studies in Criticism and Artistic Concepts: Image & Rhetoric
Community Radio Production
Elements of Radio Production 1
Intro to Audio
Selected Topics: Soundscape
Sound and Image in Experimental Cinema
Liberation of Sound
MIDI II and Max I
Rock and Roll and Rebellion