Documentation of Album Covers Recreated with MS Paint

The drawings in this collection were made by various users in a discussion forum on the website Using MS Paint, and other rudimentary computer drawing programs, users attempted to recreate their favorite album covers and let others on the forum guess the band and title from the artwork. Given that the website is largely devoted to underground heavy metal bands, metal album covers form the largest percentage of the recreations (but are not the only albums included). While some users 'cheated' by using a tracing function in the program, most attempted to recreate the covers freehand with just a mouse or the touch pad on their laptops. Some gave themselves a limit of five minutes to recreate the most recognizable essentials. Below is a selection from a thread that started in December, 2007 and, on last viewing, had stretched to over 60 pages of posts and comments. The original thread can be found here.

Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 - Album covers recreated by users of the discussion forum on

In addition to these pages, a collection has been created on Public Collectors' Flickr account that includes these drawings and dozens more: here

If you would like to submit a recreation of a favorite album cover, please send it to: marc [at] publiccollectors [dot] org and I will add it to the Flickr page. Please keep your images to 600 pixels or less per side.

Compiled by Marc Fischer, September 2008 - January 2009

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