"Collections, Collecting, and the Collected" Class Notes by Tiffany Knopow

Tiffany Knopow has created a blog for PDFs of class notes from her entire college education. She writes: "This collection of notes is every note I have taken in an institution which I privately paid for…..all of my college education is available. Please feel free to use this information as you need and post comments or your own notes if you would like to participate in sharing."

Her notes from a class titled: "Collections, Collecting, and the Collected" are of particular interest to Public Collectors. They are presented here for direct download. While the notes are purely handwritten and contain little sense of the experience of the many fascinating things covered in the class, they inventory a wealth of examples of artists, cultural figures, institutions, books, and projects that one can research. PDFs of notes from other classes can be found here: www.tiffanyknopow.com/notes

[Click on the page to download the PDF. 1.8 megs]