Material Accumulation Gone Wild! "My mother is insane" page 2


The twenty-year old TV and the ten-year old VCR. The picture tube on the TV is dying, and the image is dark, blurry, and tinted. That pile of US Mail boxes with the "fragile" box on top can be pivoted to the left to allow a wider viewing arc. You can see some of my 3rd-grade artwork on display there above the TV.

The birds. My mom has five parakeets, and is looking for a sixth. Only the first two cages have birds in them. The third was bought about a year ago and was never set up. Notice that even the inside of the bird cages are crowded.

A view behind the wall of boxes, at what used to be the coffee table. You usually can't see back here, I had to hold the camera at arm's length around the edge. As you can see, she saves empty birdseed containers.

The other side of the living room. My mom was big into glass paperweights for a while, though usually bottles and dishes are here thing. You see the disruption in the layer of dust on the chair there? That's where she fell a while ago when trying to climb over stuff to open the window just off the left of the picture. There's also at least two broken bottles back there somewhere that have fallen but there's no way to get back there to clean them up. I'm assured all this stuff in quite valuable, by the way.

A full view of that wall. You can see the dangerous window here. Those plants on top of the bookshelf died because there was no way to water them. They've been sitting there decomposing for a few years now.

Under the tables is full too. In the front are a bunch of old Popular Sciences she bought off eBay a while ago. The rest of the floor space is filled with more dishes.

The other bookshelves. More books, more bottles, and assorted small toys. Most of these books are outdated old college textbooks from the 70's.

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