Artists' Files & Archives: Collection of Marc Fischer, Chicago, IL, USA

Collector’s Directions For Use:

This is a list of Artists' Files and Archives. Artist groups, periodicals, spaces, and some curators are also included.

Most of the material listed is stored in plastic folios, which can be easily pulled for viewing. For some artists, materials that do not fit in the folios may also be available. Feel free to ask. In the case of several artists, there is simply far too much stuff to attempt an inventory. Material for all of the names listed can be accessed during personal visits, including those which have not yet been inventoried.

If you would like to view any of the artist files and archives on this list, email me to arrange a meeting time: marc [at] publiccollectors [dot] org

If a group of people, such as a small class, expresses an interest in viewing this material, I will consider traveling and bringing some of these files and archives to you. If materials are desired for an exhibition, please contact me.

Many more artists and materials are not included on this list. If there is something you are looking for, free to ask and I'll tell you if I have anything. Additionally, there are some items that I have multiple copies of (where indicated). If you would like to propose a trade for some of these duplicates, please contact me.

Apex Art Melinda Fries / ausgang Printed Matter
Angelo Terence Hannum Proximity
AREA Hideous Beast Red76
Arthur magazine Thomas Hirschhorn Morgan Santander
BAS IC-98 (formerly Iconoclast) Paul Lloyd Sargent
Conrad Bakker / Untitled Projects InCUBATE David Shrigley
Jesse Bercowetz & Matt Bua Journal of Aesthetics And Protest Deborah Smith
Biggest Fags Ever Pierre Leguillon Edra Soto
Philippe Bille Little City Stockyard Institute
Brett Bloom Cindy Loehr Deborah Stratman
Mel Bochner Lucky Pierre Anne Van der Linden
E.C Brown Brennan McGaffey Michael Rakowitz
Mia Brownell Simon Morris Bruno Richard
C.A.I. N55 Jean Toche
Chicago County Fair Paul Nudd Dan S. Wang
Le Dernier Cri Laurie Palmer Michael Wolf
Stephanie Diamond Stephen Perkins  
Paul Druecke / A Social Event Michael Piazza  
Céline Duval Michalis Pichler  
Anthony Elms Mess Hall Most Recent updates: June 17, 2009