Collection Websites

This page is devoted to links for unusually well designed, compelling or comprehensive collections that have been given their own websites, videos or web pages. If you stumble upon or create a website that you think should be listed, please email: marc [at] publiccollectors [dot] org and I'll consider it for inclusion.

Special thanks to Randall Szott of for providing many great links.

More collection websites can be found at the Museum of Online Museums

19th Century Shipping Clipper Cards      
AC/DC Tribute Band Logos      
African HIV Posters      
Anti-Sitting Devices      
Artist's Books      
Asian Record Covers 1960s-70s      
Backstage Passes and Rock Documents      
Barricaded Windows During G8 Protests      
Baseball Cards      
Book Inscriptions      
Car Batteries Left Out in Public      
Cassette J-Card Designs      
Casts and Braces      
Cat Purrs      
CB Radio QSL Cards      
Celebrities Playing Table Tennis      
Christmas Catalogs      
Cigarette Lighters      
Company Record Sleeves      
Condiment Packets      
Crates and Barrels in Video Games      
Creative Periodic Tables      
Do Not Disturb Signs      
Elles Sont De Sortie Publications      
Fireworks Label Art      
Gibson Flying V Guitars      
Hara Kiri Magazine      
Hip Hop Party Flyers      
Hurricane Digital Memory Bank      
Jack Kerouac Book Covers      
James Brown singles pt. 1      
James Brown singles pt. 2      
Kiss 1978-85      
LSD Blotter Art      
Matchbox Labels      
Mego Toys      
Nerd Watches      
Photos of the Charlie's Angels Pose      
Punk Flyers from 1982-84      
Punk Flyers from Los Vegas      
Romance Novels About Nurses      
September 11 Digital Archive      
Ship Horn Recordings      
Vintage Cookbooks      
Virginia Tech School Shooting Archive      
Visa Cash and Mondex Cards      
Weird Auctions      
William S. Burroughs Book Covers  

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