The Music and Book Collection Lists of Bruno Richard

In the writings that French artist Bruno Richard makes to accompany his taboo-smashing publications of drawings and photos, personal private details are often disclosed. Examples of this include information about medications that the artist is taking and accounts of how much money he makes at a job and how much of it is spent on rent and other life expenses. The two lists presented here were originally printed as single photocopied A4 sheets through Philippe Bille's "Lettre Documentaire" series. Often when presented with similar lists from other people, Richard will reply by noting which items he has also seen, heard or owns. He will comment on details that interest him and ask questions about list entries that he is curious about. Honest and public lists like this provide a distinct method of comparing our own lives and concerns to those of others. Thanks to Bruno Richard and Philippe Bille for allowing Public Collectors to reprint these texts.