Drawings by Steffen Simon: Collection of Ann-Kristina Simon, London, United Kingdom

As a creative person I am always interested in what makes us creative and how can we trigger it. Creativity is something that often happens subconsciously. To me, creativity is imagination and observation of what surrounds us, processed through a certain passage in our minds and then expressed in a way that is unique.

My brother is 13 years old and has learning difficulties. Apart from that, he is one of the most amazing drawers I know. He sees things I don´t see anymore, because my mind is too conscious. I often think I learned and know too many things to just "do". He doesn´t draw things as they are, but as he sees them. To me it is beautiful to see the way our brain functions and dictates a creative outcome. Even if I tried, and I did, I can´t draw as naturally and organically as he does.

As he is often overstrained with the visual information of his environment, he will pick things that he is genuinely interested in (mostly cartoon characters, people that are close to him and technical gadgets) and draw them. The interesting thing is, that he won´t do that when he is asked to, he hates school, but then, from one minute to the other he would sit down and draw something he probably saw days ago, but somehow is still very present. He can´t really write, or do math or read, but he can remember every single detail of a stereo or an Ipod.

To me, this is creativity at it´s best, and something I often wish to retrieve.

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ann-kristina.simon [at] network.rca.ac.uk

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