Public Collectors is administered by Marc Fischer

I'm based in Chicago. My primary creative work is as a member of the long-running group Temporary Services. I also sometimes work in collaboration with others outside the group, as well as on my own. In 2008 Temporary Services founded a publishing imprint and web-based store named Half Letter Press. I was a co-founder of Mess Hall, an experimental cultural center in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. Working individually, in collaboration with others, under the Public Collectors banner, or in Temporary Services, I can often be found making publications, executing temporary public projects, participating in exhibitions, teaching, leading workshops, giving lectures, writing, and organizing exhibits and events. Or I can be found sitting in my cluttered apartment, drinking coffee, answering emails, listening to great records, and attempting to deal with my various collections and archives.

If you need me for anything, want me to travel to your city or school, or just want to say hi or ask a question, contact: marc [at] publiccollectors [dot] org

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